Alienware battery power problem?

So I was playing LoL when accidentally my Battery charger got unplugged and as you all may know, my computer didnt use the max power for this and so my fps in the game started to drop. However I immediately plugged the battery charger back and to my surprise it was still laggy. When I used to play with my battery plugged it went from 70~110 FPS all the time, never dropped. Now after this incident, even with the battery plug on i sometimes drop to 44 FPS...
Any1 know how to tweak my battery power settings so that it can use full power all the time? Any help appreciated!
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  1. Depends on the version of Windows. Also you would check your Wireless Properties to turn off 'powering down' the Wireless which is on by default when the battery kicks in.
  2. My version is Windows 7. Also where could i check that? I usually go to more power options in my left bottom corner
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    1) Don't keep your battery in if this is a desktop replacement. Only have the battery in when you are going to be portable.
    2) Yes More Power Options then under Additional plans is High performance.
    3) Click the options to the left to configure your specific needs. For example I use hibernation then shut down when I hit the power button, or set the lid shut to do nothing.
    4) Click your wireless then select the network and sharing Center. Change Adapters settings on the left. Double click the wireless connection. Click Properties at the bottom then power Management tab. Change as you feel appropriate.
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