I just re-installed Windows 7 and my BF3 Recording videos on my Second Hard drive dont have Audio and only Video

I have 2 Hard drives, one with Windows and all my games, and the other that is only used to record BF3. I formatted my Windows HDD and reinstalled Windows 7 on it and now all my videos on my second hard drive dont have video but only have audio for some reason.

-Thanks in advance
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    Probably need a codec installed, like whatever one was the videos were compressed with. If you use a special software, it probably has it's own codecs that get installed, otherwise just google Windows 7 codec pack and download it and it should install codecs to play every video format out there or install VLC player as it plays videos differently and doesn't need codecs installed.
  2. Thanks guys, I just reinstalled my DxTory software and the codec was installed with it
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