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Hello! I was interested in having a dual monitor setup, but for some reason my second monitor port doesn't recognize my second monitor. I apologize for not being that up-to-date with hardware and all, but I do know a bit. On the back of my computer, there is a port for two monitors. One connects to my graphics card and the other I'm not so sure. I could be horribly mistaken and the other port could just be used for something else, but they do look the same (-_-). I thought it could just be because my computer is relatively new and my monitors are a bit old so maybe the cords are outdated, but I don't think that's true either since I'm able to connect my monitor to the graphics card port. If requested I could take a picture of the back of my computer so you geniuses could have a better understanding rather than my attempted explanation. =]

EDIT: Added picture
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  1. I've uploaded a picture of my ports =]
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