GPU and PSU upgrade help.

I am upgrading my dell xps 8300 with a radeon HD sapphire 7870 and apevia JAVA 650w. I was wondering if these 2 cards would fit in my 8300 case and if they'd be able to run Rome II and BF4 on very high or max settings. I have 8gb RAM and an i5-2320 to go along with these 2 upgrades.
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  1. I would not suggest upgrading now buddy.

    Maxwell cards are coming out next year, and AMD is slashing prices big time for the imminent 8900 series

    Your 7870 is a great card, and should give you good performance for the next 2-3 years on medium to high settings.

    I'm kinda banging myself in the head for buying the GTX 700 series, should've waited for the price drop. 7990 are 670$ now!
  2. Yes but I would like go buy it now because, the 7870 is 184$ and then there's a 15$ rebate and the psu accumulates to 35$ after the rebate. Amd buying it is helping me save enough for Rome II and BF4 digital deluxe and premium.
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    look into this 7950 buddy, for 16$ more dollars, you'll get quite a bit more performance.
  4. That is 250$. More than it would cost for me to get both the GPU and PSU. They both are 244$ without the rebate and after the rebate it is only 205$.
  5. Point is, will the GPU and PSU fit in my case?
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