Possible graphics card preformance bottleneck due to CPU and RAM.

Hey guys,

I'am about to go out and but the Nvidia GTX 660.
(This is a massive buy for me!)

When it comes to Computers and their internals I'm pretty good! Not being big headed!

CPU: Intel Core i3 550,

It says Intel i3 550 @ 3.20ghz (If that means anything to any of you).

RAM: 4gb.

Will the performance of the GTX 660 be at all limited because of these parts? I'am asking this question because I know these 2 pieces of hardware aren't the newest/best.

Extra Info: I plan on using the Card for PC gaming as I'am a massive PC gamer.

Thanks in advance,

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  1. That is actually a really good card for your system and the only bottleneck i could think of is maybe not having four cores, but most games dont even use them, for example Arma 2 only uses 2. But it will be very good.
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    Depends on what games you are expecting to play and what frames you want.

    I would say the i3 is definitely due for an upgrade.

    The latest i7's have come out and they are sweet!

    I would say you should be fine for now but if you want to improve performance say in BF3 a CPU and ram upgrade would be the best idea.
  3. There isnt the biggest difference for the i-7 and i-5, i-5 will handle up to 3 graphics cards in sli with a good mobo and it can be overclocked to avoid bottlenecking and save an extra 75-100 dollars.
  4. ^ Yes, but this is an i3 and an old one at that.
    You can expect some bottlenecking too occur, particularly in CPU intensive games. Though I wouldn't expect it too cripple your performance.
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