Samsung SSD 250gb EVO vs. Samsung 256gb Pro

Hey guys,

I am right at the end of building my computer, and I just need to find out what storage to put in my drive bays. For my OS boot drive, I'm stuck between these two products:

Samsung 250gb EVO

Samsung 256gb PRO

I just want the best performance, and both of these drives are in my price range. Which one of these would you guys recommend? And thanks to everyone in advance!
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  1. Technically the PRO offers the best performance, but honestly, you aren't going to notice a difference between that and a budget offering except in the benchmarks.

    (Trust me, I've worked with the pro, the evo, the normal 840, with 830s, and handfuls of OCZ drives - the only difference between any of them is psychological.)
  2. I think I read somewhere that the PRO lasts longer and is probably the fastest drive, but the EVO has Rapid Mode. (Or is this also a feature on the PRO too..?) I am really thinking about pre-ordering the EVO (releases 8/14/2013), but I think that ultimately the PRO is going to be much better for gaming, encoding, programs, etc.. What do you guys think? Preferably, i'd like to order by today or tomorrow
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    The PRO uses MLC which will hold your data for 60 years, data integrity tests have proved this. The EVO model uses Samsung's proprietary hardware TLC, which gives you data integrity for approx 19years. For most, that difference is irrelevant as most PC users don't expect to store their data on any single device for more than 3-4 years forget about 10 or 20. The only other difference between the EVO & Pro series is read/write speeds. The Pro is about 20% faster than the EVO, both on read & write speeds. If you are going from a mechanical platter hard disk to one of these SSD's its most likely not worth the price difference for you to purchase the Pro series, unless you are building this rig to benchmark. The difference between mid level SSD's and the top level SSD's is only relevant to users who are benchmarking their systems, or users that need to shave off 1-3 additional seconds from their boot times. I own both EVO, Pro, the regular 840, and the original 830 series, so I am talking from experience. The Corsair neutron GTX and the samsung Pro series are probably the fastest most reliable SSD's on the market.
  4. I think Samsung 250GB Evo is better option. Its comes with new firmware.
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