Should I get a AMD FX 8350 and overclock it to 5Ghz or 5.3Ghz or should i get a Intel i7 3960X Extreme Edition?

I'm gonna be playing games like Battlefield 3,Battlefield 4,Tomb Raider(2012),Lost Planet Trilogy,Batman Trilogy,Assasins Creed Series,
Hitman Series,Far Cry Trilogy,Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon,Resident Evil Series,Left 4 Dead,Left 4 Dead 2,Dead Rising Trilogy,
Grand Theft Auto Series,Mirrors Edge,Mirrors Edge 2 (Yes it has been confirmed look it up),League Of Legends,Dota 2,
Dungeon Seige Series,Medal Of Honor Series,Mass Effect Series,Battlefield Bad Company Series,Rage,Fallout Series,
Team Fortress 2,Half Life Series,Fallout Series,Crysis Series,Borderlands Series,Counter Strike Series,Minecraft,
Arma Series,Back To The Future Series,The Walking Dead Series,Just Cause Series,
Maybe the Call Of Duty Series (Reason Why is just cause COD just always makes me rage and im not a big fan of COD),
The Alan Wake Series,The Max Payne Series,
The Tomb Raider Series (Yes i know i put Tomb Raider already but im refering the Tomb Raider before that),
And other big AAA games.I'm Gonna be playing on ultra settings on a 2560x1440 on 2560x1440 resolution.Which will the ultra settings will last,which will the CPU will put all those games on Ultra Settings (Yes i kn ow the GPU matter the GPU im gonna get is Dual GTX 780s),And which will last a while and wont burn out?
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  1. i7 3960X >>>>>>> FX-8350
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    Just get the new FX 9370 or 9350 which run at 5GHZ to start. 5GHZ is too high for an 8350 and you risk burning it out. Not to mention you would need a crazy CPU cooler and you risk melting your MoBo with the insane heat.
    But if you are set on the choice of the two, get the i7.
  3. Both of those CPUs are more than enough.
    The 3960X is "better".
    Not every 8350 can o/c to 5.0 GHz (Not every 3960/3970 could either).
    You don't need to list every game that's currently out.
    The 4770K makes way more sense for the price, and in fact the 4670K makes even more sense.
    It's all overkill.
  4. If you are just playing games, the 4670k is more than enough. Also, screw the 780's, buy two 7990's. With the recent price drops and driver releases, it's going to make more sense at that price point. Make sure you get a good case though for the 7990's. Air flow is very important, or you could just buy one 7990 for the same price as a 780 and get near the performance of dual 780's.
  5. The i7-3930K@4GHz is a better value than the 3960X and performs better than the FX8350@5GHz by a lot.. Just get the 8350 or 3770K for the best value in gaming.
  6. BigMack70 said:
    Hey you know what's fun? Toms Hardware actually has a CPU section where discussions like this can go, and all the AMD and Intel fanboys can have a pillowfight and hurl meaningless insults at each other.

    --> That way


    Huzzah. AMD vs Intel. :na:
  7. Obviously 3960x. It's far superior to the 8350, and this is coming from someone who prefers AMD.
  8. You need good cooling for 5 Ghz. I have fractal design kelvin s36 and temperatures on 5 Ghz are 69 celsius, so it's possible.
  9. Man I hate Intel fanboys (I used to be one) they are always telling you to future proof! When that's an implausible task. The fx8350 will smash Intel in multicore - if whatever you are doing is slowing you down due to single core coding then that is a shitty game and you should be playing it on a shitty computer. I don't play old games on my Octacore because it's asking for trouble. Anyway some of these games config settings an be altered to force the game to use extra cores. Have had about 10 overclocked Intel rigs that were shit and used to crash and <edit> up - had one and am3 8350 OC'D to 5ghz on liquid and it never <edit> up. It's been running for weeks. Plus amd has way better names for all their stuff :)

    mod edit: watch the language.
  10. There are some wins for AMD though, although unsurprisingly they’re in heavily multi-threaded environments. In Cinebench the FX-8350 produced a score of 6.92 at stock; a fifteen per cent increase over the performance of the FX-8150 and 0.6 points ahead of the Core i5-3570K, although still behind the stock score of both the i7-2600K and i7-3770K. Overclocked to 4.8GHz the FX-8350’s score rose to 8.25 points , again out-pacing the i5-3570K, even when overclocked to 5GHz.

    In Wprime’s 32M test the FX-8350 again demonstrated a healthy improvement over its predecessor with a time of 8.754 seconds at stock and 7.354 seconds when overclock. This also saw the FX-8350 better the i5-3570K at stock and when overclocked, again an indication of the Piledriver architecture’s superior multi-threaded performance.
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