BSoD happening at random times after Windows 7 reinstall

I recently reinstalled Windows 7 on my SSD (I also have a HDD connected not as a raid just as a secondary drive for storage, the SSD is the boot drive). I had to reinstall because after installing a bunch of drivers (network, sound, video) from the EVGA site. My computer would not boot to Windows and would blue screen during the Windows 7 startup animation.

I tried everything to get it working, nothing I tried fixed anything so I decided to just reformat both drives and reinstall Windows.

Now I am getting random BSoD. It does not matter what I am doing. It has happened while I'm installing games, while I'm browsing through pictures and while I'm just browsing the web. The longest I have gone without a BSoD is ~4 hours. The shortest is ~10 minutes.

Here is an image of the BSoD:

Here are my system specs:
Windows 7 Professional 64-bit
Intel i7 930 @ 2.8GHz
2x Radeon HD 5770 (3 monitors)
12 GB DDR3

Since the random crashing I have removed one GPU, and 2 sticks of RAM leaving me with 4GB RAM and 1 GPU (2 monitors).

Anyone out there have any ideas what can possibly be wrong?

If you want more in depth information on what I did before reinstalling you can check out these threads: Link 1 and Link 2.

Thank you.

EDIT: Just had it BSoD on me during a Windows Update.
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    Try raising the vCore just a tad and disable the C3 and C6 states in power management
  2. I was able to up the vCore from 1.25624 to 1.30000, but under power managment I can't find where to disable the C3 and C6 states.
  3. I also noticed that under CPU Feature > Active Processor Cores it has options for 1, 2, All. I thought my CPU had 4 cores.
  4. Since I've adjusted the vCore my computer hasn't BSoD'd once, and it's been six hours making it the longest it's gone without a crash. I was never able to disable C3/C6 states however. Does anyone know how I do that? I've searched all over the BIOS and I can't find it. What about Turbo boost, should it be enabled?
  5. Can enable Turbo Boost yes, and the C3/C6 should be under power management I believe or advanced chipset features
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