New build won't post/boot. Motherboard question

Over the past two days I've been building my first gaming rig with my brother. We assembled all the parts (mostly) smoothly. We hooked up the GPUs (SLI) to the monitor. We turned on and plugged in the powers supply and the GPUs and motherboard lit green, but when we pressed the power button on the case it didn't respond. Does anyone have any suggestions? Any answers are appreciated!
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    A few specs of your system would help. Try breadboarding the system outside the case with just CPU/cooler, 1 stick RAM in 1st slot, PSU, monitor connected to on-board video if available... one card in 1st slot if not. (be sure to plug in power to the card) Try booting to BIOS. Be sure the MB is on an insulated surface like the box it came in. You can start it by momentarily shorting the 2 pins the pwr sw would connect to.
  2. I got it to turn on without a monitor now. Thanks for the advice!
  3. And Im using:

    I7 4770K
    Daul Asus GTX 770s in SLI
    2x8 GB Crucial Ballistix DDR3 1600 RAM
    MSI Z87 GD65 Gaming series Mobo
    2 TB 7200 RPM HDD
    512 GB SSD
    1050W PSU
  4. Cheeseon said:
    I got it to turn on without a monitor now. Thanks for the advice!

    What was the problem? And why bother without a monitor?
  5. When I posted, nothing was turning on. I misconnected the motherboard auxillary power connector (I believe) and the motherboard and pretty much everything else started to work.
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