Replacing ungenuine windows 7 with geniune windows 7

Well my computer currently has an ungenuine version of windows 7 my dad got from his friend and slapped onto this computer. I really don't want it, it's causing problems and I just get a bad feeling having it on my computer. Plus it's 32 bit so I can't utilize my 8gb of ram....

I've read you can just put the disc in during boot and it will erase you're current OS. That seems too easy to me and wanted to make sure there isn't anything else I have to do.

Also, when I install a new version will I have to reinstall my drivers for my video card, motherboard, etc.?
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  1. Since you don't know the source, I would saved/backup your personal data, then format and reinstall.

    And yes you would need to reinstall all drivers and applications.
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    If you wanted to keep the 32bit version you could just type in the serial number from the copy you buy. Windows 7 allows to go to legit just by doing that. But there is no way to go from 32bit to 64bit. It will require a format and reinstall. Burn the drivers you'll need to a disk/thumb drive and format. After you buy the new copy that is.
  3. If I don't backup my files and drivers what would happen if I installed a 64 bit version? Would I just have to reinstall my programs and drivers or would it cause problems?
  4. If you buy and install a 64bit copy you'll have a new build of windows. There isn't a way to upgrade from 32bit to 64bit. You have to start from scratch. This means yes, you'll have to reinstall all your programs and drivers from scratch. You should go this route if you have 8GBs of ram.
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