How to get old hard drive to write for fraps?

Hi sorry if this is in the wrong section but am trying to get more fps in fraps and i was wondering if I could use my old hard drive, and how would I go about connecting it and stuff?

Also are my specs good? AMD quadcore a8-5500 , 8gb ddr3, amd radeon 7560D, 1 tb hd.

Thank you.
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  1. can anyone help plz?
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    install the drive into the pc being sure to attach the power cable and the data cable.
    when you power back up and boot into windows it should ask you if ywant to initialize the drive - say yes.
    If it didnt ask you to initialize the drive, go to disk manager (run diskmgmt.msc) and you will be able to initialize it there. what you have to do depends onif the drive is already partitioned or not...

    after windows is ready to use the drive, you can set fraps to record there. It will probably be your d: or E: drive.
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