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Hey guys I have this system right now :

AMD Bulldozer FX-8150 3.6 GHz 2X Gigabite HD 7970's seasonic 850W PSU 1000watt UPS Asus Crosshair V Formula 16GB G.Skill 2X8Gb 1600MHz Noctua NH-D14 dual radiator coller 128GB SSD 1TB HDD NZXT Phantom Case 27" Asus LED monitor.

I still get lag when I play games on max settings. Im getting a intel i5 4760k. What I want to know was will the dual 7970s work fine with this mother board ASUS Z87-PRO LGA 1150???
And aslo I got a h110 liquid cool to go with it.and what do u guys this of this system???
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  1. It may not be lag and may be the micro-stuttering effect of DUAL AMD cards. They recently released a beta driver that helped alleviate some of these problems.

    Yes that motherboard should work fine. Only concern is the 8x power instead of 2 16x's but that really isn't a big deal.

    Your system is a beast. It was an honor to read that part list!
  2. frillybob101 said:

    One suggestion is a better PSU don't want to skimp on that and I am unfirmilar with that brand.

    He's using Seasonic..
    most well known brand of PSU..

    For stuttering/lag issue, you may use radeonpro ( to minimize this effect..
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    The "lag" you refer to is undoubtedly micro-stutter. It is a well-known problem with dual cards in CF. AMD has been working on a driver fix for awhile and has just released the beta driver mentioned above:
    I just installed it on my other machine with 2 x HD 7870s. I haven't had a chance to test it yet, but the reviews have all been positive. Perhaps eventually AMD will have their frame pacing software embedded in firmware or hardware .

    The Seasonic PSU is one of the best.
  4. Thanks for the fast response. Do you guys think ill get better performance with the i5 and ASUS Z87-PRO??? Or should I just stick to what I have and install new driver???
  5. Sorry about that response about the PSU I missed the Seasonic and saw USP. I will remove that from my other post.

    I would first try to download the new driver and see if that helps. If it doesn't consider a new CPU.
  6. The beta driver should work just as well with either Intel or AMD processors. Naturally, the new i5 you will be getting will provide better performance with the two cards.
  7. So your saying I should go with i5 and ASUS Z87-PRO ? And do u think the 8x power instead 16x will be an issue?
  8. So far, there isn't any gfx card that fully saturates the x8 bandwidth at PCIe ver 2 and 3. That shouldn't be an issue. Naturally, x16,x16 will be better for future-proofing.

    I assume you were going to add the 2nd card to your existing system, and when you got the new build, move the cards to that one. No?
  9. frillybob101, Seasonic is a very good PSU brand and is the manufacturer on contract for some other brands which merely resell them under their own markings.

    Fayezrhaq, have you tried the Catalyst 13.8 beta drivers for your configuration to see if what you are noticing is reduced at all? I looked up the motherboard and it appears a perfectly fine choice. I don't think you could give your CrossFire setup a better infrastructure to run on.
  10. Iam going to install the driver tonight and let u guys know how it works tomorrow morning. So just to clear up I will get better performance if I replace my cpu with i5 and mobo with ASUS Z87-PRO???
  11. Yes, I believe I said that above.
  12. Ok sorry to keep bothering u guys but I recalculated my budget I have enough for the i7 4770k. So would this mobo be go with the i7 as well or would u recommend a different mobo????

    Thanks again!
  13. Good*
  14. That motherboard should be fine for any 1150 processor.

    Has anybody bothered to ask the question, how much is to be gained by all the money spent on the new motherboard and CPU? This is a diminishing returns situation. You may not end up with as much as you are hoping for. It will be great for the future, but with your current cards, you may get less than anticipated.
  15. My current system is suppose to be a gaming comp but I cant play most games on max settings withlag what does it take to play games at max settings. Oh and did I mention I have it OCed at 4.6ghz
  16. just installed the beta driver and played the witcher 2 on ultra settings the game runs for a min then gets stuck and I have to restart computer :s
  17. How do you know your system is stable the way it's configured and overclocked? I never could get my FX-8150 stable at 4.6 GHz, even on water. :-)

    Being a "gaming computer" is a relative term. While your system would be considered relatively high end, you can always go higher. There is no system on the planet that will ever max out graphics settings for newly released titles beyond the scope of time the hardware is designed for.

    The other problem is "lag." That too is a relative term that needs more information to quantify what it actually is. Whether you're experiencing micro-stutter, CPU or GPU bottlenecking, USB input delay, or even delay due to the particular display being used, or even a placebo-like perceived "feeling", or for that matter, any combination of those, you're going to need to delve deeper to sort the problem out.
  18. I ran intel burn test a few times and it was fine
  19. I can clock my chip to 4.6. That's not the problem. It's not stable under load for long periods of time. I can easily run it like that if I leave power management to clock the chip up and down. What good does that do me? :-)

    AMD has their own stability test, and you can also run Prime95. While I don't see a problem with using Intel's test, I don't know if it's a reliable test for stability of AMD chips.

    If you can't run Prime95 or AMD's test, it won't make much difference what Intel's test says.

    What I'm saying is, you should be able to run any software, no matter what it is, if your overclock is stable.
  20. Set your processor (and whatever else you have changed) back to stock speed. With the new gfx driver AND the app profiles* installed, run that game again. I'm betting your crashes are a bad O/C.

    *don't forget to download/install the latest app profiles. You'll need them for CF.
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