Building Gaming PC: Memory/motherboard/CPU compatibility question

Hey guys! I'm building a gaming computer (I am pretty noob at this stuff). I've done it once years ago, and haven't looked much into computers since. So... Basically so far what I have decided with is:

intel 4770k proccesor


Gigabyte GA-Z87X-D3H/Z87/4 x DDR3/3 x PCI-E/1 x PCI/6 x SATA3/10 x USB3.0/HDMI/D-SUB/DVI-D/GBLAN/RAID/ATX

Thermaltake Armor Revo Black Full Tower with HDD Docking Station / USB 3.0 / No PSU,

This is the hardware I have decided on so far:

What I am unsure about is what memory is compatible with the processor and motherboard?
Because I was looking at the specifications for the motherboard and it says.... "1600/1333 MHz memory modules"
But I could not find any corsair 1600 or 1333 MHz ram that was made for fourth generation intel processors?
I thought the 4770K was 4th gen so I'm confused?

Sorry, I know I'm a big noob!

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks very much guys!
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    Memory is about anything goes with your CPU and mobo combo, think I'd suggest setting sort of a budget, pick out evrything else then spend the remainder on DRAM, not sure what all you'll be doing but today consider 8GB of 1600/8 as bare minimum. If you do much with memory centric apps, like imaging, video, CAD, run VMs, etc then think 16GB, and also think faster/higher freq sticks, I basically start all my clients w/ a min of 1866 and 8GB (including strictly gaming rigs), would say the ave is 16GB of 2133, but primarily I build higher end for gaming and business
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