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I am upgrading my dell xps 8300 with a radeon HD sapphire 7870 and apevia JAVA 650w. I was wondering if these 2 upgrades would fit in my 8300 case and if they'd be able to run Rome II and BF4 on very high or max settings. I have 8gb RAM and an i5-2320 to go along with these 2 upgrades
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  1. Do not buy a cheap psu.
    Apevia is a tier 5 (not recommended, replace asap) unit on this list:
    A 7870 needs only a decent 500w psu.
  2. I have moved to a Corsair GS600. Is this better? And will the sapphire radeon HD 7870 GHz OC fit and the GS600 fit in my xps 8300 case???
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    Much better psu.
    Your case looks to be a normal sized tower, so I would expect no problem.
    This link shows what seems to be some full sized cards installed:
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