Dell XPS M2010 Processor and Upgrape Options

Hello Everyone I am new here and I need a little help in the right direction.

I have just purchased a Dell XPS M2010 20.1" Its an MXP061

currently running a core 2 t7400 2.16 also with and ATI mobility radeon x1800

What I would like to know is can I upgrade the cpu to a quad core or higher? Maybe

a 64 bit? and also that would allow the ram to be bumped to 16GB ,also

wanted to upgrade to dual SSD in raid and also the graphics?

Any thoughts or suggestions? I need this type of machine as we

are moving to an island and I can't take much with me (otherwise it

would be my desktop). So this is best cross over option for me.

I would appreciate any advice or thoughts? Thanks in advance
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    You can upgrade to T7600 2.3GHZ, but it's only a hair faster than what you have now.

    Also the memory will go up to 4GB.
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