nVidia Drivers - Blank Screen After Boot

This issue occurred randomly a few days ago, after booting, when the windows login screen would be displayed, my laptop display appears to shut off. There is nothing on the screen, no backlight.
I have tried booting into low-res mode, same issue occured
The only way I could get my display to work at the login screen was to boot in Safe Mode.
I reinstalled Windows 7 (Home Premium x64), and the display worked fine without any drivers, but as soon as I installed the nVidia display driver, the issue began occurring again. I tried downloading the driver directly from nVidia (instead of the Asus G75VW Drivers site) but that didn't work either. I am clueless as to why this is suddenly occurring... Does anyone have any thoughts on the cause and any possible solutions?
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  1. The issue has been fixed, for anyone having issues with a nVidia graphics card, try reseating the graphics card (WARNING: You will likely void your warranty by doing this. Only do this if you know EXACTLY what you are doing, otherwise you risk causing permanent damage to your system).
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