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I'm looking for a closed loop water cooler and case that would allow me to mount the radiator and fan up front and preferably have air filters on that intake.

CPU: 4770K (planning to overclock)
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  1. Whats ur case???
  2. I'm looking for both cooler and case.
  3. Ohkay
  4. Within reason, USA. I've been looking ta all the usual suspects from Corsair, Fractal, Antec, Silverstone. I'm thinking maybe just mounting a 120mm as an intake high in the back (standard exhaust location) and exhausting out the top with instead of the back but I'd like to assume there is some engineering put into the design of today's cases and that that may not be the best air flow. This is why I was thinking of mounting it in the front. Plus I've seen many cases with dual 120mm front mounts and an air filter. SO... I'm looking for a case that I can mount something like this up front as the main intake with enough tubing. Although it does occur to me that this would mean that I'd need another intake still somewhere to draw in cooler outside air that hasn't passed over a radiator. Bottom intake perhaps. I could also do a single 120mm if I can fit a second intake fan to cool the harddrives that I assume will be up there also.

  5. http://s13.postimg.org/jnjx19zx3/image.jpg" class="img lazy">

    This is what u call best airflow

    I would suggest mounting a sedeon 240m as exhaust on the top of storm scout 2 case
  6. My theoretical issue with mounting a radiator as an exhaust is that you are drawing hot air from inside the case over the radiator rather then cool room air.
  7. Look to make things clear just consider the parts in ur case that generate most of the heat
    2.graphics card

    Personally in my opinion u can do one thing

    1.place the rad at top and put a powerfull high airflow rear fan as to provide coolfresh air to rad
    2.place the bottom and intake fan as intake to provide airflow to gpu
    3.place a strong fan as exhaust on side to take out gpu hot air

    In this way u ll get best results
  8. Mow that sounds like an idea. Rear intake to feed the top RAD...hmmm... any other suggestions?
  9. yeah
    good to go
    gave u whatever i could
    hope it helped

    dont frget to close the post

    and do give me pics of final built
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