Which type of gaming mouse I must buy?

I am a semi-pro gamer and i was looking for a new mouse.Currently I use logitech m90.I generally play FPS games like battlefield 3,call of duty black ops 2 etc and third person games like gta 4,tomb raider,batman arkham city etc.Now the first thing what is a mmo mouse?(I even dont know what is mmo.) Whileplaying fps games,can I assign a programmable key to w,a,s or any other key? and if I can assign can I use them while playing my game to mve shoot or to carry out any other task?
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    MMO - Massively Multiplayer Online

    MMORPG - Massively Multiplayer Online RolePlayingGame

    Games like World of Warcraft, Star Wars The Old Republic and Guild Wars 2.

    These are games where lots of players play online together at the same time and have some sort

    of character they can build. So an MMO mouse is a mouse which is good for such games, as such

    games often have lots of different spells and abilities you can use. Due to the amount of abilities,

    people often want to set the keys for each or some of their abilities; making them easier or more

    convenient to use. Hence you can use an MMO mouse, as it has a lot of programmable keys for quick

    access to various things; instead of using the mouse cursor to click each ability in a possibly past-paced

    battle. There's usually an options menu in most games where you can change keyboard layouts and whatnot.

    You'll want a mouse with at least 4000-5000DPI I think. As then it'll be more precise/sensitive; which is important

    in fast-paced game scenarios.
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