asus sabertooth x79 - How to go back to clean and working bios install? (cant turn on PC after power loss without CMOS reset)


After checking nearly every option i recently tested RAM and it turned out to be ok, now the most probable is that something went wrong when i updated bios.

After power loss, i have to click the power button for about 30 seconds for PC to start. After that i have a message "Overclocking Failed" even when i did not overclock anything and run on optimized default settings.

When i was updating bios i was struggling a bit, when it was updating i turned off the PC becouse it hanged. I then updated it to the latest 4005 version with .CAP extension, i dont remember if the latter had .ROM extension but the 4005 installed without installing bios converter or changing the name to SABERX79.CAP following this guide -> asus sabertooth x79 how to reset bios

I want to revert to the starting version of bios deleting everything i could mess up and update it to the latest version following the guide i found recently. How to do that?
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  1. Hi, Can't you use the flashback for reflashing?
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    First of all i would like to say that i did not have any info on this in the instruction for mobo and case( i double checked).

    The instruction for the case i bough, and motherboard, didnt say how i should mount the mobo on the case, i used the distance bolts becouse they fited the case, but what i did not do, is use the rubber/cardboard rings on both sides of the screw (side the motherboard was touching the distance bolt and where the screw touched the motherboard).

    Why i didnt use them? I got the rubber rings but they were too high/thick and i was unable to mount the mobo using them ( i checked again, it cannot be mounted and i dont know why they gave them).

    So, a BIG GIGANTIC FAIL TO case manufacturers that give 2 page instructions with useless information and motherboard manufacturers for making a motherboard that cost nearly 400 Euro, and makes a short when there is no rubber/cardboard on the distance bolts WHICH WAS NOT STATED IN THE INSTRUCTION I SHOULD USE.

    Sorry for caps but i spent 2 month RMAing mobo, PSUs, and countless hours trying to figure out what was wrong, I built my last system without any problems, it was 5 years ago. And now, i spent 4 times more money on this high end PC, and had to pay 30 euro for diagnosis that i have to place cardboard rings on the screws. Are you kidding me?
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