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Windows 7 Cannot Start Up - Startup Repair

Last response: in Windows 7
August 10, 2013 3:25:25 AM


I hope I can get some assistance with this issue!

Yesterday I was using my computer - I use it for streaming games consoles - so I was using two program xsplit and amarectv when my computer randomly blue screened.

I'm not sure what you're supposed to take down in these cases but the BSOD displayed this error


My computer then restarted itself and it booted up fine and worked perfectly. I'll say that there was a BSOD before while using xsplit with my dazzle i so it may be the source of this problem. - however the computer worked fine.

Anyway so I turned on my computer this morning and it stated that Windows could not load and that it gave two options - Start Windows Normally and Windows Startup Repair.

So I chose the latter first. It took a while and asked to system restore. Then it said finish. So I clicked finish and it went back to the two options. I tried start normally and it just goes in a loop.

So I went back into Startup Repair and tried again. This time it said that there was no system restore points available.

Another time HP diagnostics centre came up after like 10 minutes of loading and it said there was no restore point either.

So I read (perhaps on this forum) to use F8 and try to restart in last good configuration (advanced).

So I did that and my computer loads fine. I am currently typing to you on it. However as soon as I restart it again, It returns to Startup Repair.

So it seems that the computer can work fine in this iteration but it just won't start up into the last known iteration aka everytime I will have to go into F8 and start up at this.

I'm trying to think of anything else of importance which may be relevant:

I have noticed as of recent - probably the last month, that my computer has started to take a long time to boot up. When the computer starts up. It works fine, apart from the two random BSOD - again I think this may be bad drivers from my dazzle - I honestly don't know how to check.

When I shut my computer down (this issue has been going on for a long time so I don't think it is totally relevant) - there are always updates to install - and I don't mean that there's just a lot of updates every day. It seems that some updates fail and then everytime the computer is shut down it retries it. So I don't know if that has had an effect on the startup files.

Finally, the other thing is that when I bought this computer it didn't come with Windows 7 install discs so I can't wipe and start again. However the day I bought it I made a repair disc which I have here. Now I did try the repair disc and try the startup repair and system restore options with no luck.

I haven't tried system image recovery bit because I am not exactly sure how it works - my interpretation is that it returns the computer back to that point in time and I lose all my data which is on it now.

That to me is a very last case situation if that is what it does.

So basically after that wall of text is what can I do to fix this start up problem and allow my computer to 1. boot up normally? 2. boot up faster?

I'm checking my external hard drive to make sure its all backed up now.

Assistance with this would be greatly appreciated. I have tried to include as much relevant info as possible.

Thank you.

EDIT: There is one more thing with regards to system image repair. If it does what I have stated then the only problem is that I have input a new video card and power supply into the system since then. Do I need to reinstall the drivers?
August 10, 2013 5:25:25 AM

Well, I have a sort of solution.

I've tried rebooting and shutting down the system completely and restarting it and it works fine now. I went through to the last iteration through F8 and did it through that. It boots fine.

So it boots normally but I don't think the problem is totally solved. I am not sure why this happened in the first place and if the problem is actually completely solved.

Is there a way I can find out what the possible errors were? Is there like a program I can run or something?