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Hello people,
Too long I've been using epson inks and bulk-Refillable cartridges from the model C-63 through the C-79, C-92, C-110 and T033 and the last I am using now is T-50.

For all models before the T-50, I always had to be some problem clogging the head, perhaps poor cleaning procedures.

When I buy a new T-50, it works normal printing using cartridges and rechargeable, but it happens that with time, more or less about 8, 9 months of use is another problem: what happens is that while it prints, the printer plays excess paint over the actual printing ink smudges and leaving usually color and positions of these blots is random, time she plays one color at a time, and then she does a spot only, 2 or 4 colors.

In this link, you can see how this problem:

Looking for a solution on the net, I read in an article that this problem can be convicted of head, maybe by having the ducts of the head being eroded.
I got up to buy a new printer to make sure that the head is being
refillable cartridges and used it and it worked without regular blots. and then I took the head the new printer and put in the old and what happened was it started doing the same problem!

And also tested with original cartridges in the printer old, and she does not do these blots.

I suspect that this problem is something that occurs over time, but I wonder if somebody else has this same problem and if there is any solution for this without being necessary to buy a new printer and it was observed that the head is still in perfect condition.

I thought they were the chips refillable but new printer, there is no problem of blurring and so I am very confused until to reason to the true origin of this problem.

Thanks for your attention!

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  1. Would it be a semi blocked nozzles?

    This is what we used to unclog the blockage (finally)

    this is what I saw from the other forum too
    This is probably my last post in this thread. In my last post, i noted that it was my LK cart that had dropped out and that i had ordered the InkRepublic I remove discussed above. It arrived while i was out of town and only today got a chance to use it. Did a nozzle check again, and it failed. The Iremoval fit my R3000 perfectly. I injected 3cc per the instructions, into the LK channel. Waited 30 minutes and rechecked the nozzle check - still bad. reinstalled the LK cartridge and did a cleaning per I Remove instructions. Nozzle check still bad. Did a second cleaning and now the nozzle check is perfect.

    The I remove does list the R3000 as a compatible printer for the device. I like the fact that i could push cleaning solution directly into that channel. If you have a serious clog, the instructions have a more detailed procedure, even including a suction cycle where one pulls up bubbles through the nozzles by pulling back on the syringe plunger. I'm not sure where the Iremove helped me or not or whether its the 2 cleanings that were involved post I Remove, but it just seems rational to me and i now do have a clean channel.
    and step by step here

    good luck.
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