First build case bracket/slot problem

Hey, I'm building my first computer and I came across a problem I couldn't solve myself. After I install a PCI (wireless network) card into the x16 slot (or if I install a gtx 650 ti boost gfx card) the holes to put a screw in don't really match up as pictured here: (Case I'm using is Thermaltake Commander MS-I)

Bigger view:

Are the screws really necessary or are there any alternatives to it? Zip ties?.. Is it possible to fix the holes without damaging anything? I tried bending it, but it just slides back into place it was before.

I'll be waiting for possible solutions before trying anything myself.
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    Push the bracket a bit harder and get the screw in while its lined up. Computers aren't as delicate as you may think.
  2. Okay, I'll try that again. Maybe I'll get a couple more hands to help me out with it. It's my first computer after 5-6 years so I'm kinda nervous about it all.
  3. I've screwed the PCI card, the screw only goes in like a couple milimeters and appears to stay firm, but it's sticking the head out more than it should. I tried forcing it, doesn't budge at all. Also the card grips to the bracket with the screw and moves itself. The bracket gets back in his old position and drags the card itself with it...
  4. Hmm...
    Just leave it hanging then. The PCIe slot itself can hold a fair weight and a network card isn't exactly as heavy as a graphics card typically is.
  5. I also need to install a Graphics card next.. I'll leave the network card's screw as it is. It looks like it can hold it fine and won't budge because of the friction with bracket. Will 'stucking' a screw the same way in graphic's card screw-hole work also?
    Edit: By the way would using a smaller screw and a screw-nut be a good idea?
  6. I guess, I cant really say without actually having the thing in my hands.
  7. I think I'll try to bend the bracket in place and use screw-nuts w/ smaller screws to secure the cards. Brb.
    Edit: Can't find any smaller screws. I'll have to try my luck with GFX card.
  8. Ok. I fixed the problem by using a few more screws (even if not fully seated in, but still doesn't budge) around it to hold it. It all seems stable and stuff. I felt kinda' retarded asking such easy questions, but It cost me cash and I was nervous >.> Thanks for the help anyway!
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