Still usable motherboard? Plugged in a USB cable in the 1394 port.

Hi guys, while cleaning up my computer hardware, when building it back up, I accidentally connected the USB cable in the 1394 port on the motherboard. It fried my USB stick, and some of the USB ports do not work anymore. The computer runs fine, but some USB ports on the rear destroy hardware if they get plugged in.

My question is, is it safe to continue using my motherboard? Should I disable the 1394 in the bios?

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  1. werner123 said:
    Hi, malfunctioning USB ports won't render your system useless and if everything works fine there is no need to worry. just don't use the USB ports in question. and yes you can disable the 1394 port but all that will do is not being detectible in the operating system. next time be more patient :)

    Hi werner123, I'll definitely be more patient the next time, thanks :)
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