How can i know if i have dedicated or integrated gpu?

what does numbers mean?
i know that dedicated memory : 512mb is the real memory of my gpu.
But what are those other numbers?
Same goes to cpu, how can i know if its integrated or not? If it's marked "M" at the end i know that it's mobile, made for laptops and is integrated? Is it right?
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  1. Hi
    Picture seems to be missing

    Graphics can be integrated into motherboard chipset or processor
    Graphics connector on rear of motherboard

    Alternatively graphics card in pic-e slot

    Integrated graphics usually grab some of main memory
    Amount set in BIOS
    Eg. 4096 mb ram. With 512mb shared ram leaves. 3584mb for windows assuming 64 bit Windows

    Some low power CPUs soldered onto motherboard
    But usually in a socket

    Term Integrated not used for CPU


    Mike barnes

  2. maybe now you see the picture? I want to know what does these numbers mean and how to separate and know when you buy dedicated or itegrated gpu
  3. Best answer

    have a look at

    gives some guidance on this integrated [Mobile Laptop] graphics chip which is better than any Intel integrated graphics available in 2009

    Windows and driver can grab some system memory then release it again


    Mike Barnes
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