Low fps in Crysis 2 with GTX 760 Superclocked

I just built a new system (see specs below) and tested Crysis 2 with Ultra resolution at 1080p and V-Sync on, but only achieved an average of 45 fps (according to Fraps) early on in the game (like running around outside). There was also a cutscene near the beginning (when you first see Prophet shooting a minigun at the enemy gunship when your ship is destroyed) that dropped down to around 29 fps and stayed around there for a bit. There were only a few moments that I hit 60 fps and they were while inside and next to nothing was happening, but even then it frequently dropped to around 50 fps. I tried turning V-Sync off but I only got about a 3-5 fps increase with running/action while outside.

Now, while these don't seem necessarily bad, I read that the 760 is capable of running Crysis 2 at those setting at a little over 60 fps ( I also have the EVGA Superclocked version so if anything I expected to yield better results. (They also said they had AA on, but I couldn't find any option to turn it on or off, only V-sync.)

Now, the system they tested it with does have an i7-3960x with 16gb of ram, but from what I read over and over again on these forums, my specs (i5-4670k and 8gb of ram) wouldn't bottleneck my GPU.

Okay, update: I just tested it again with V-Sync on and the same scenes I got 40-45 fps with (outside) are now getting at steady 25, but they jump back up when I turn V-Sync off. Also, even scenes inside with no action drop to the low 30s when I run or jump. What in the world?? This is way worse than before.

Someone please help explain why my card is getting less than half its expected fps, I'm at a total loss and am wondering if it's broken. Thanks.

CPU: I5-4670K
RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws 8GB 1600
BOARD: Gigabyte Z87X-D3H
PSU: Corsair HX750
MONITOR: ASUS 24" 1080p
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  1. I average about 98% GPU usage. I played a little farther into the game and now the action is anywhere from 45-60 fps, though the first action scene is still around 45 fps. I restarted the game again and sometimes I see jumps up to 80 or 90 fps and a lot of hovering around 50. I also noticed that during the intro sequences much of the time the fps is higher during fast scenes with lots of movement (the opposite of what I described earlier); though the "Prophet shooting the gunship" sequence I described is still about 30 fps which is really disappointing (but it is a slow scene that keeps in the same frame of view mostly, though other similar scenes have much higher fps). I'm confused about this, it seems really unstable. I understand there will always be some variation depending on the environment but I guess I was just hoping to keep a steady 60 like that site suggested I would. Is this dramatic variation (30-90) normal or is there something wrong with my system?
  2. Im running 2 x gtx 660 ti and having the same problem, only fix is to turn of v sync. Hitting 25 fps with v sync on and 90-120 fps v sync off.
  3. hmmm. Check your gpu temps. It looks like your gpu is throttled because of temps (in the begining you hit high fps, but later they drops maybe because of higher temps)
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    Turn on adaptive V-sync in the nvidia control panel. Im getting 55+ on a overclocked gtx560ti on a mix of high and ultra.
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