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Every time I click on Google Chrome I have to accept its terms. It's frustration. does anyone know how to fix this problem?
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  1. I would personally fix it by using IE, Firefox, Safari. Opera or Konqueror.
  2. if you like the chrome based format,try comodo dragon. just like chrome without those nosy buggers at google prying.
  3. That's not normal behaviour. If I were you I would try uninstalling Chrome and then reinstalling it. It's one of the best browsers around, so worth persisting.
  4. I tried unistalling it, it didnt do anything
  5. Are you saying that you couldn't uninstall Chrome? Have a look at .
  6. I did uninstall chrome, but it still requires me to accept their terms every time i want to go online.
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    again,look into comodo dragon chrome based browser.
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