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I got fibre optic a couple of weeks ago and the speeds were awesome, from a 3mb/s download speed to a 35mb/s. I was running with these speeds for quite some time without any problems, until it randomly started dropping (down to around 4-7mb/s). My first thought was that it was a problem with the internet, however my mums computer has been running at a 30-35mb/s download speed this whole time. Re-plugging my ethernet cable usually worked, but not always. Here I thought there were 3 main things that could've caused it:

A virus
I re-installed Windows 7 on my computer 2 days ago, however the lag still persists. So this cannot be the issue.

Bad ethernet cable
I bought a new ethernet cable at the same time fibre was installed, and I have also tried my mums PC upstairs using my cable and she was fine all day.

Faulty network card
As I said, I swapped both mine and my mums computer around for a day. Both computers ran at full speed without any problems, no drops, nothing.

So right now I'm not sure what is it. I've tried many different things and I'm back in my original place with the lags happening again. Re-plugging the cable isn't helping me anymore though and there's nothing I can do. My ethernet drivers are up to date as well. Here's 2 speedtests I did today, one before the drop and one after:

Does anyone know what could be wrong or what I can do to test/fix it? Thanks.
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  1. did you try to plug your ethernet cable in another slot on the router ?
  2. Yup, I've tried all the different LAN ports and none of them make a difference.
  3. did you try to reset the router ? and do the test again .
  4. I've restarted the router multiple times and even pressed the little reset button. None of them helped me unfortunately. My mums PC still runs fine though.
  5. your network card is internal could you try a pci one for test and if this work good ,you have 2 choice keep it this way or rma motherboard for defective network chipset .
  6. I don't have another network card, I wanted to find out what was wrong so I could buy whatever I needed (whether that was a new cable, network card or anything else).
  7. do you have a usb wi-fi dongle you could use to connect to the router or a friend could lend you one .
  8. Bypass your router and test speeds on modem? You did that already right?
  9. @scout_03 Here's a test I did with the wireless dongle However, I had a 28mb/s download jut before with my normal cable (it sorted itself out again for a while).

    @GrannySmith1 I'm not sure how to do that, can you explain?
  10. @GrannySmith1 I tested the speeds through the modem and it was 28mb/s, when I put it back in the router it was 9mb/s. What does that mean the problem is?
  11. you have less on wireless that ok it is either your network chipset or the router keep it on the wirelees dongle for a while and if the speed stay the same your network need to be check on your computer also plug your mom compu to the net on the slot you where using in the router,you could also get a network card to replace the internal one .
  12. Dannyb77 said:
    @GrannySmith1 I tested the speeds through the modem and it was 28mb/s, when I put it back in the router it was 9mb/s. What does that mean the problem is?

    Sorry for long reply haven't looked at my account in ages!

    So, if speeds are fine through your modem but through your router it's slow, its most likely an issue with your router.

    I had this problem not too long ago except it was only for my upload speed. What I did was restart my router and it worked fine. Let me know if it works for you.
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