GTA IV lags - whats needed to be upgraded or any fixes there

intel Celeron D 347 3.06ghz
1GB DDR2 Ram
1gb ati radeon 4350 video card
gigabyte motherboard ga-31m-s2c
window 7 os


on this gta IV lags and please tell me that what should i do i do i dont have much money to buy new pv yet and can to upgrade ram but what then if it still lags thats the quistion in my mind so dont want to waste over it .

now what should i do upgrade ram or what !
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  1. Sorry to say, pretty much everything needs to be upgraded. Your pc is outdated. Save, if you can, build a new one.
  2. yep your way under spec. you need a q6600 or better and an 88gt to run gta4 at anything above minimum. even than it may stutter... but a quad core at 2.4 is essential. anything else the game is unplayable, due to bad porting.
  3. guys but i have seen many peoples on youtube playing on celeron very well
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    no you havent. the celleron is way down there below amd athlon for cpu grunt there is just no way its playing smoothly on that cpu... any vids you link to are either fake or fake...
    seriously look at the stickys and you will see the requirements, the celleron is not even on the list.
    but hey its your money, if you want to ignore me and waste what little cash you have on a game i have already told you is beyond your systems capabilitys then thats your choice... but it will be a mistake.
    i mean you dont even have a fast hdd or raid 0 to help cope with the texture pop issues...
  5. just for gigles i just looked the vids up and oh my... 5-20 fps on all of em... if thats what you call playing well you need to broaden your scope of what playing well is...
  6. With that cpu, if you upgrade your RAM and graphic card, maybe you can reduce your lag somewhat if you play on low, but it still should be pretty slow. I wouldn't waste your money on that machine if I were you.
  7. anish i know you mean well but this topic was closed over a year ago. as were the other gta threads.
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