Is this rig enough to run the latest games in ultra settings without any problem ? :))

I am bulding a new computer And need to know if this parts would be enough to handle the most games on ultra settings without any lag at all
and I have a pretty big budget over average ?


.MSI GeForce GTX760 2GB TF OC
.AMD FX 8350 4.0GHZ 8core
.ASUS Sabertooth 990FX R2.0
.Corsair XMS3 Vengeance DDR3 8GB (2X4)
.Windows 8 64-bits
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  1. Yep for sure. MOST games, not all. :)
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    Yes, fairly close. If anything, you'll have issues from Windows 8. Other than that, my friend has pretty much the same Rig except he uses a GTX 770. Me personally, I can run almost all games on high settings with out any lag and I own a Phenom II x4 840 and a HD 7870 GHz edition GPU. Only game That hasn't been running well is Crysis 3 and I sometimes get frame latency in bioshock infinate. Not Too much to alter gameplay though.
  3. i wud suggest save money on mobo and cpu and get a better gpu like 7970 300$

    get a 990fx extreme 4 and 8320 which can b o.c.ed to match 8350

    and then u ll be able to run all the games at high settings
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