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660 with significant screen tearing problems

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August 10, 2013 1:32:46 PM

So i recently bought an 660(for my new gaming PC) and im having major issues with Screen tearing

Im using a 60hz 1080p monitor and obviously i would expect screen tearing when it goes above 60 fps,but it seems Really bad,when i limit the FPS rate to say 59-60 i still get noticeable screentear quite often.

Running msi afterburner while playing games also gives me somewhat unexpected results,when a game is running at say 60fps solid the Frametime/ms is at around 23-30ms per frame a lot of the time,shouldnt this be at 16ms if the game is at 60fps?

the discrepancys are similar at other frame rates aswell,as FPS goes up the frame time/ms doesnt correspond with what it should it be,its always longer

anyone got any idea wtf is goin on?

Im running the latest drivers

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Best solution

August 10, 2013 2:00:46 PM

screen tearing can still happen bellow the monitors refresh rate, its a property of the monitors display buffer being updated when a frame is only partially updated already.

best fix is to enable vsync and forcing double or triple buffering.

i started to force triple buffering, vsync and an fps cap of 59 to all my games and besides the tearing vanishing i have no difference in my input latency that is massively noticeable if noticeable at all.

i also change my flip queue (ati equivalent of frames to render ahead) to 1 which also helps reduce input latency.
August 10, 2013 3:03:11 PM

so i did a test with the setings via the nvidia control panel

1st up i tried CS:GO,constant 60fps,no screen tearing framerate/ms times as expected (16ms constant)

Then Anno 2070,no screen tearing, fps was between at 55-60 most of the time,but there was a lot of stutter and and acording to afterburner when at 60fps the frametime/ms was 30ms with jumps higher than that as the fps dropped in the 45-60fps range

Tried farcry 3 seemd to have no screen tearing,seemed to stutter quite a lot tho. Afterburner said the fps was between 45-60,but the frametime/ms was always at 25ms+ when at 60fps and obv higher as the fps dropped

So what exactly is goin on here? the time it takes to render frames seems incosistant with the 'apprant' framerates