Graphics card dead or psu going bad? No display

Ok, I just came from vacation and my cpu had attracted dust so before turning it on I cleaned my gpu(ati 5870) first. I tried booting it up and I get no display but the gpu fan still runs. What does that mean? Did I break my gpu or my psu has wore out? Unfortunately, I don't have an extra cpu to test my graphics card but I do have an old 8800GT and it booted up fine. Also, I've contacted XFX and they already sent me an RMA. How is their service?
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    You could try putting an hdmi cord into your motherboard and then use your cpu for graphics. After your computer is on you can check your devices to see if your computer recognizes a graphics card is hooked up to it.

    If there is nothing about your graphics card then your graphics card is dead. If there is then I would try downloading the newest drivers and the newest drivers for your motherboard as well because it could be your motherboard who has outdated drivers.

    Hope this helps
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