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Okay so I decided to do watercooling to lower my CPU and GPU temperatures and I already ordered my parts. What type of fluid should I use for low maintenance? I realized that some say that distilled water and PT Nuke is the best and will not cause build up. However, I already purchased some Primochill Ice Intensified Clear/UV Blue coolant. I am worried that it may cause some buildup in the long run. Should I get some PT Nuke and use distilled instead? Any help is greatly appreciated.

*Okay so I should not use the coolant and use distilled instead. I am worried about the silver coil causing corrosion in my loop though. Here are my parts:

CPU Block: Koolance CPU-380I
Tubing: PrimoChill PrimoFlex Advanced LRT Tubing 3/8"ID x 5/8" OD
GPU block: EK-FC770 GTX DCII - Nickel
Pump: Koolance PMP-400
Pump top/Res: EK DDC X-RES Top 100
Rad: Black Ice Pro II Compact
Fittings: EK-CSQ Fitting 10/16mm G1/4 - Nickel
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  1. Yes it will cause build up in the long run. Anything other than distilled always will. will also cause staining of tubing. clogging is your main enemy. Routine 6 month maintenance is essential. Pull apart blocks, clean with toothbrush and vinegar solution or ketchup or lemon juice solution to minimize clogging chances
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    I have been doing water cooling for a number of years and have tried many different types of fluid including distilled water. I currently use this;

    and this;

    Along with a bit of dye for color since I use clear tubing so I can change color without re doing the tubing.
    I have also used the PT nuke and some Feser corrosive inhibitor.

    The current combination of the pure water and silver coil do the job and I have no issues.
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