Looking for a gaming laptop around the $700-$900 range

Hey guys, I'd like a couple people's suggestions for a gaming laptop with the following points as guidelines

-Budget is pretty much $700-900 as stated in the title. Possibly a little more than 900.

-Preferably something under 17" for the sake of portability since I'm heading off to college.

-Screen resolution isn't super important, but the nicer the better of course.

-As for battery life, something 4+ hours would be ideal.

-Games I plan on running would be the likes of League of Legends, Vindictus, Guild Wars 2, and a couple of Steam games, IE:Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, GMod and Chivalry. I'd like to get into some heavier games as well like Battlefield 4. I don't need to run the more graphically impressive games at Ultra settings but running them on the higher end is definitely what I want.

Other than that, I won't be doing much besides browsing and writing papers lol. Thanks in advance!

Edit: I was taking a look at the Lenovo IdeaPad Y510p and the Asus g55vw and wanted opinions on those as well.
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  1. Okay I will check those to and some others. (Not saying the two are bad)
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    Okay here are the things between the two you've been looking at, The Lenovo is great and has great reviews and so does the Asus. But the Asus has lower battery life.

    The Lenovo has a GT 750m which is pretty much equal to the Asus' GTX 660m. And the Processors are pretty equal too. Actually pretty much everything is almost equal. LOL

    They also bot got 1920 x 1080 displays.

    But those are both very good choices in my opinion, but for me, the Lenovo is the winner and is the best choice.
  3. Thanks for the input. If it comes down to those two I'll definitely go with the lenovo. But are there any other good laptops around that price range?
  4. I will check.
  5. Those are the best you can get out of anything I've found, so I'd go with the Lenovo.
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