Using 2 different ram sticks with different speeds?

I did some research of my current back-up PC. The ram is DDR3 clocked at 1333MHz. I upgraded my ram a while ago, and it was clocked at 1600MHz. Did I do damage to my computer by having 2 different clock speeds? Does the 1600 bottleneck to 1333MHz? What happens when 2 ram modules have different speed?

Stock PC:

Ram Upgrade: AMD Memory Entertainment Edition 1x4GB DDR3 1600MHz (Patriot Memory)

Appreciate responses, would like to know if I should remove my ram to stop anything bad that is happening.
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  1. no you didn't damage your pc. your ram speed is caped to lower speed and mixing ram sticks isn't recommended
  2. I already have them mixed, should I remove the 1333MHz stick to unlock the 1600MHz speed?
  3. yes, if your cpu support 1600 mhz

    but can you live with 4 gigs of ram ?
  4. Mixing memory is generally not advisable, but usually not very dangerous. The problem is that the PC you linked to doesn't support DDR3-1600 memory in the first place. So, even if you take out the 1333 it came with, it will either down-clock the 1600 to 1333, or may not work at all and give you a memory error when you start up the computer.
  5. i checked the link you posted in the OP your mobo/cpu doesn't support higher than 1333 mhz. so even removing the 1333mhz stick your ram will still be capped to 1333 mhz
    edit : if your running 8 gigs of ram the speeds are capped to 1066mhz
  6. Is there a feasible solution to fix the problem? When I upgraded my ram about a year ago, it felt faster. I also do a lot of multi-tasking, so I don't know if I can survive with 4GB.

    I plan on building a PC in the future, and I may reuse the ram. Will the ram be damaged in any way, or will it run normally in 1600MHz since the mobo supports it?
  7. no the ram will not be damaged but again your ram speed is capped to the lower one even if the cpu/mobo support faster ram
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