How to reset AMD CPU back to its default settings without CCC?

Hello, i have Phenom II x4 965BE at 3.4 GHz as stock.

at first after installing VisionEngine Control Center (13.4), ive seen the CPU performance slider(there in Overdrive settings) is both locked at 3.4 ghz. so i have stock fan on it and it was running jetty noisy. ive slided left one to bottom at 800mhz to give CPU a breath while system is idle then it started to run freshly and relaxed at idle, went up up to 3.4 while gaming as i expected.

but later on i went in again and stupidly lowered the right indicator(which determines maximum speed) down to 2.7 GHz thinking that i wont let it heat too much (were going up above 70C while "moderate" gaming) thinking i would slide it back until i buy a good cooler fan over stock one in near future. and i will definitely.

however ive re-installed graphics driver to 13.8 beta (using driver sweeper to delete leftovers) but without installing Control Center, to make sure graphics card would run in its default 3d settings.

now i want to set CPU speed back to normal without installing Control Center, i downloaded AMD Overdrive standalone software but it seems too advanced to me honestly.

and it shows the first core jumping repeatedly between 800 and 2700MHz while others are stuck at 2700MHz. and whilst gaming it wont exceed 2700 overall according to cpu-z. also showing all cores at 12C degrees and seems the fan is confirming it according to noise.

How can i get the CPU speed back to default factory settings without using CCC again?
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  1. remove the driver and reinstall with ccc and uncheck all the overdrive box in the perf settings .
  2. so you're saying that there's no other way than doing it with CCC?
  3. you did not play in the bios did you try to restart the system amd overdrive should be back to normal settings .
  4. i've deleted AOD and tried with k10stat, it didnt seemed to work the first core is still jumping between 800 and 2700 in almost every second. also voltage seems to cahnge between. currently installing CCC back again. hope it will see cpu's current and let me get back to default. will post if it works.
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    you could try the cmos reset .
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