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Hello, so I recently took apart an old PC to reuse some parts for a new build, the computer had 8 gigs of ram, but it was 4 sticks of 2 gb ram. So I was wondering, if I put those in my new PC would I still get the benefits of Dual Channel?
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  1. YES, but you have to run a 64 bit windows
  2. Yes, it just runs at two sticks per channel. As stated above, 32bit windows only recognizes 4GB of RAM.

    Make sure it's DDR3. If it's old, it might be DDR2.
  3. Yep it is DDR3, but it only is running @1066, would I be able to overclock it to 1333 with little problem?
  4. Probably, especially with a little voltage boost. No guarantees, but it should be possible.
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    Raise the timings (first three by one) i.e. if 8-8-8-24 make it 9-9-9-24 at raise DRAM voltage + 0.05, freq to 1333
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