Will a Antec KÜHLER H2O 920 CPU Cooler fit in an Antec 1200?

I tried Googling and haven't found an answer to this. Will a Antec KÜHLER H2O 920 CPU Cooler fit an Antec 1200...This is of course without any modding or removing.
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  1. From what I can see it should. I have the 920 in an Antec DF-85, and while it's a tight fit (mostly due to the fan on the door), it makes it in without a problem. I did have to break a corner off the fan on the door to get it past the bottom of the radiator, but that only took 5 seconds with a pair of pliers and didn't affect functionality at all.
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    Easily....the 1200 will fit a whole lotta things. QUALIFIER: I could not get a Antec 620 in a DF-85 tho. Depends on what MoBo ya use.... if ya use a big MoBo that supports 3 or more cards in SLI, the top GFX slots is higher. I my experience with the Asus Z77 WS in the DF 85, the Antec 620 fan was hitting the GFX card. Interestingly enough, the DF-85 had no issue with the giant Thermalright Silver Arrow

    In another build, I had to shave a few mm off the door fan in the 1200 cause it hit the bottom of cooler. As the fan is mounted in a "diamond" position, was just a lil dremel work on one corner of the fan
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