URGENT! Need help in deciding i5-3230M or i5-3337U

Hey buying a laptop tonight. Confused between two. Both are coupled with GT 740M 1GB variant. So, will gaming be affected in any way by the ULV processor?

I am interested in buying the ULV because it will make the battery last longer!
But wanna make sure that it won't hamper gaming or multitasking in any way.
If it's a small difference, then fine. Otherwise I'm going with the 3230M
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  1. Go with the i5-3337U.
    The clock speed is not much of a difference only a few extra megahertz.
    Both the i5 will be plenty for gaming since it uses the same graphics card.
    The i5 3337U will definetly give you longer battery life since it has lower TDP 17W vs 35W.
    Hope this helps.
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    it depends, if cooling system is good (e.g alluminium body and good fan system) take the ULV one, if chassis of the notebook is plastic go with i5 M. The thermal limit of the ULV, if stressed, can drop the frequency if it can't disperse all heat. With the i5 M this will happen at more highter temperature :)
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