Gigabyte X58 UD4P RAM Upgrade

Hi All,

I require some guidance. I have Gigabyte X58 UD4P motherboard with 3x2GB RAM = 6GB.

I wish to upgrade the RAM to 32G and want to know
1. Is that supported ?
2. Has anyone done it before ?
3. Which would be recommended.

Please advise. Thank you

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    Mobo supports up to 24GB in a 6x4GB config
  2. Thanks for the reply, so 4X8GB will not work ??
  3. Not unless they've done something to change it, haven't seen or heard of anything
  4. Thank you for the quick reply.
  5. as its an older i7 platform stick to 1333 max ram speed or you will be limited to 1 stick per channel so 3 sticks max.
    if you stay under 1333 you will be able to use all 6 slots, but jump to 1600 and half your ram will be ignored by the bios and windows will randomly loose portions of it...

    look up balistix ram. i got 12 gigs for 52 quid 3 months ago. from ebuyer. but the price has gone up to 82,,, still its a bargain compared to most suppliers.
    for my system which is also ex58 based it was a very good deal. as it was retailing elsewhere at over x2 what i payed. because im running only 3 sticks i can run it at 1440 without a voltage bump (they run at 1.5-1.6v) and i managed to tighten the latences to get that little bit extra... so like i said very good ram...
    for you though you could probably run if from the standard 9-9-9-27ish timing to 8-7-7-22@1333 and may even get the cas 8 down to 7. giving an extra 2-3% performance gains which puts it very close to ddr3 1600 9-9-9-27 ram as far as system performance goes.
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