Overclocking A6-3600... What to use? Safe clock? Good temp to run to?

Hello, Neb here.

I am experienced with Tom'sHardware to an extent, but I am not experienced with TH Overclocking or overclocking in general at all.

Computer specs right off the bat...

6 gigs of RAM
AMD A6-3600 APU with HD 6670, 21 GHz
Windows 8 Pro 64bit
Standard Cooler Master fan
360 watt PSU
And a 500g SATA HDD

So please inform me of all I need to know, wherever it starts from....

I am a clean slate to OCing, but i would like to learn.
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  1. I may be wrong but I think you can only overclock the Black Edition versions of the A8 and A10, APU's.
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