Best gpu at $250-$270?

Could somebody send me a link of the best gpu at that price range? I was stuck between the gtx 760 superclocked and the amd 7950. Both seem like really great cards.
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  1. with AMD card you have a better OC potential. if you OC it high enough it will be somewhere between GTX 680 and a 7970Ghz.
  2. Hi, id definitely go with the 760 that is a great card for the price range it beats or ties with the 7950 and 670 in most tests, here's a game benchmark test comparing the 3 now about overclocking each card is different so there's no situation where you know that your card is going to be a good for overclocking so I'd stick with the 760.
    Hope this helped
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    Toms Hardware always does a great job of breaking down best GPU's for each price range at any given point in time.

    For your budget it would be the GTX 760.

    Best Graphics Cards For The Money: July 2013

    The GeForce GTX 760 introduces GeForce GTX 670 and Radeon HD 7950-class speed down to a $250 price point, displacing the Tahiti-based Radeon HD 7870 LE with even more performance per dollar. Because of this, Nvidia's GeForce GTX 760 is one of our favorite cards on the market right now.
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