best graphic card under$75 for my pc so that i can run most of the games

my system properties are-
intel i5 3450 3.1 ghz
4 gb ram
amd hd5450 2 gb ddr3 GPU
win 7 ultimate 32 bit
plzzzzzzz. answer it as most of the games like bf3,black ops 2,asssasssins creed 3 lagg on my pc due to the gpu
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  1. At what resolution are you playing?

    I just noticed that you are using 32bit OS. Since you have 4GB of RAM you might wanna get 64bit OS because some of that RAM is wasted on your current version.
  2. i have a 24 inch monitor and i play at 1920*1080
  3. At this price AMD/ATI HD 6670 1GB DDR3 oR DDR5 IS the best........
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    syed mohammad husain said:

    i have a 24 inch monitor and i play at 1920*1080

    Not sure how everything will work on 1080p... I have Radeon HD6670 on one PC, but I play at 1360 x 768. It runs FarCry 3 on high. Considering your budget you might wanna go with 6670 if you do not desire high graphics settings.

    This card is also recommended by Tom's:,3107-2.html
  5. 7750 for 80 $. To be gaming on that resolution you need a mid card like a 7850 or even a 660ti or 760 to achieve playable frame rates. otherwise you have to pull the resolution down in the game along with other settings.
  6. thanx buddy
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