something whent wrong

hi there!

my rig
board: msi g45-z77
cpu: i5-3570k
gpu: sapphire amd 7850 oc
ram: gskill ripjaws 2x 4gddr3
cooler: gelid tranquillo rev. 2

something whent wrong last night.. i had my oc settings set on this guys advice:

i had him running on 4.0. but last night i wanted to crank it up a little, so i went to the oc genie setting and restored everything to default, first so i could stard over. i saved and exit. but when he wanted to boot up again he got stuck at a blacvk screen with the little white dash in the top and A2 in the right bottom corner! i tried to pull out my graphics card and boot him from the mobo with vga. but still nothing. at some point i booted him and he said something changed in the hardware, 'do you want to go to setup' and i clicked yes. i changed the settings of the oc genie back to my former profile, but the mouse froze and i could only see the temp hovering around 39-40.. i rebooted and now its black agian. help!!

what to do?
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    Reset the CMOS, unplug the rig, simply pull the mobo battery for a couple minutes, and reinstall, then power the rig up and see if you can get into BIOS - set time and date and save, exit
  2. im so sorry! i haven't been back on the forum untill now! I don't reallly know what the CMOS is but ill just do what you wrote and check in again! thank you!

    I did update my graphics card to a gtx 770 from palit. he does boot now, it only takes him about 4 minutes to get past the white dash in the top left and the a2 in the bottom right. when hes done with that he just passes the option to get into bios.. really annoying. im just going to reset hum like you said and i'll see what happens!
  3. good info,really annoying. im just going to reset hum like you said and i'll see what happens! thanks
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