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Hi everybody! I want to buy a laptop foor school and some casual gaming and I've found an acer aspire v3-771. It has really nice specs for a low price, but I've heared that acer isn't very durable and has very low quality on its hardware. Is this true what they say?
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  1. I've had two Acer laptops. The first one overheated and melted the end of the power cable (which I had to pay to replace). Also, the week after the warranty ended it literally fell apart (the case around the monitor came away).
    The second one Blue Screen Of Death'd when waking up from sleep mode (which I eventually fixed by messing around with graphics drivers in safe mode).
    I'd avoid Acer.
  2. well if u don't run your laptop 24/7 u won't have a problem at all. but acer laptop doesn't have good air cooling i'm sure. my friend's acer 5560g have reached 90 degrees when gaming and this dude has nearly scared to death ;)
  3. I'm talking about the aspire series ;P maybe they are better
  4. I had a netbook and a tablet and both were built very nicely. My bro has an Acer m5 something or other and he just loves it. He uses it for college and so far it works very well. Everything has been much nicer from Acer than what I thought they would be. I have to say I am impressed. As far as build quality goes I am hard to please. For example I hate every Samsung phone I have seen do to the build of it. Acer is very well built or at least the products I have owned were/are
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    I got a good experience from acer laptops, and this serie is good. But the graphic card on those aren't really that good. You can play some games, but don't expect to run everything perfectly. The only negative point that I have about Acer is that their computers either it is desktops or laptops, tend to run really hot. But a small negative points against the good performances that they offer really.
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