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I am building a gaming computer, in the process of learning ALOT about psu's and gaining the knowledge. I want to buy a 1200w psu because I want high end, I am looking at a item on eBay called a shark 1200w psu. The item is 80+ plus certified, modular, and it looks like a very good psu. But would this be good for my build? I am going haswell, and if it's not comparable could someone tell me how to disable c6/c7 states. I bought a msi z87-g45 gaming mobo
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    If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

    Quality 1000W+ PSUs usually cost over $120. I seriously doubt an eBay-only $70 PSU will be up to snuff quality-wise.

    And mere 80+ certification at 1200W? That means as much as 300W wasted in the PSU assuming it can survive getting loaded all the way to 1200W - which nobody seems to be expecting it to based on the few comments I read about it elsewhere. This much heat in such a small space would be difficult to get rid of and no good for long-term reliability.

    If you are building "high-end", you might want to stick to broadly reviewed and approved stuff instead of shaving corners with unknown, unreviewed home-brand eBay parts.
  2. the power supply type have been available for a while not a month or two a year or two old, there still selling the products
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