GA-M61P-S3 F7F Bios - Where to Download? DL Link Required!!

Many people on this thread: "GA-M61P-S3 F7F Bios - Phenom II Compatibility"

...were talking about BIOS "F7F" for GA-M61P-S3 motherboard. But on the official Gigabyte website this specific BIOS is unavailable. The latest available is the "F7I" and that is ONLY a "Beta version". I tried installing it but it failed. I do not trust it....

Where can I download the "F7F" Bios for "GA-M61P-S3"?

Thanks in advance
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  1. Thanks Werner. Your name also from the book "The Forgotten Soldier", from an unforgettable character.

    The CPU:

    AMD Phenom II X3 720 2.8Ghz Black Edition (BE).

    The F7I is said to work with this CPU. But I want to know where people are getting the F7F Bios....
  2. I know Germans. You're definitely one... Thank you for your answer again, Herr Werner.

    I installed Bios F7f and it appears to be somewhat stable. A little shaky, but I am certain that will clear up when the new CPU and memory land.
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