ocz modular psu 700wat

I did a test on my psu because I was having problems with motherboards.

firstly they wouldn't post properly then while unarming the halt on f1 I found only half my memory sockets work

The test showed low voltage on rail 2 12volt could this be the reason my memory is not working in them 2 slots.

I have rma'd a few mother boards because the slots didn't work or the board and the pc didn't post properly.

any idea's ?
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  1. this is due to low quality of ocz
    change the psu

    whats the exact model???
  2. modxstream-pro
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    if its manufactured after 2007 then it is a tier 2 good supply

    is it in warranty???
  4. yes I got it in 2011 still under warrenty
    just wondered if it would cuase my memory roblems
  5. yes it is the cause

    get it changed
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