VIA HD Audio deck driver

via hd audio deck driver for asus p5g41c mlxmother board to support windows8 os
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    Here you go, download from this link VIA HD Audio Driver
  2. I have a version download in 2010 and it has been working well for me in Windows 7 Pro. has Equalizer, Environment Modeling, R & L volume levelling as well as distance sounding settings for different environment acoustic Room Corrections on left and right.. Also has Loudness and R & L test instrument test sounds for level and similarity adjustments by distance - E.G one speaker has a corner and other doesn't. Can play CDs up to 24Bits at 48K Sample Rate and also upsampling at 24 Bits up to 96K & 192K Sampling Rates w/o equalizer, Environment Moedlling and Sound Distance adjustment. Makes my PC's Logic top model speakers sound so musical as can save diffrent Equalizer Settings by generic names. Hope this can help you seek VIA HD Audio Deck for this version. Sorry can't fine it at their present website or the URL for it in my OS. And try not to download drivers unless you know you can surely roll back to the older one. Sometimes 2 or more drivers in the software just creat more problems instead
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