Do i need a new psu? answer to be chosen within a hour no longer.

i am going to get a power supply, but i want to know does a power supply HAVE to be haswell compatible? i am getting a generic 975w powersupply for $70, and i dont care if a power supply says a brand or not i just want a working one, recommendations is welcome btw.

the link below me is the psu i CURRENTLY have,
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    Your psu looks to be in the do not buy category but any generic one you buy for that much will be as bad so i wouldn't bother.

    But, you should spend the money on something like this and protect your investment.

    Why do u think u need 975w?
  2. I wanted some high-end things for the low price, and I want the psu to be black and red if avaliable this is a good psu btw it's a possibility. Also the psu has to be modular I don't want it to be non modular
  3. Haswell CPUs add C6 and C7 power phases, which are low amp power phases normally handled by the motherboard's voltage regulator. Most PSUs can steadily supply this (around .05 amps), but some cannot supply low enough amperage, or it varies based on the load on other rails of the PSU, so essentially they will either overload the CPU when it enters that phase, or cut power entirely. I've heard, don't know myself, that in the BIOS you can disable C8 and C7 if you want, with minimal effects.

    Long story short, in theory most any PSU will work, but if you're not willing to take what may be a big risk you're probably better off getting one that you know is Haswell compatible. Here is a compatibility list from Tech Report (click here).
  4. high end rarely includes low price - I'm sure you've heard - You get what you pay for.
    Look for XFX, Seasonic, Corsair(not budget ones), Silverstone....
  5. What psu's do you guys recommend for haswell. I would like 700-1200w
  6. keep this thought in mind, your PSU should be the "end-all, be-all" for computers. A quality PSU will outlast many, if not most, of the other components (RAM probably being the exception). If/when a PSU goes bad, it can take out just itself, or in some cases, it will damage things that are connected to it. Since most everything in the computer connects to the PSU, that is a chance I am not willing to take. My recommendation is to buy a quality PSU (from Seasonic, XFX, Corsair, Antec, etc.). If you keep your eyes open, many times you can catch good ones on sale for great prices (many times with free shipping). If you want a red/black color scheme, you might want to check out the Antec High Current Gamer series of PSUs.

    Edit: EVGA has some new ones out that are in the red/black scheme as well.

    P.S - The length of warranty and what other buyers are saying is often a good indication of quality PSUs. Just remember, you usually get what you pay for.
  7. Even if you have 2 modern GPUs - 850W is way more than you need.
  8. what psu's do you recommend that are 850w?
  9. Any psu's for around 100 that you recommend? I can't go over 100 for a psu
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