Will a 9800GT run on this desktop?

Hello, I want to put in my old 9800GT because as far as I know it's a lot better then the AMD 7560D that's on my processor. The problem is it doesn't fit, partly because of my hard drive.

I'm also wondering do I need an installation disc? Because I've thrown the box and everything away.

By the way, it is PCI e i think, will the 9800gt run on it??? THANKS!
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    You can get drivers from Nvidia's website. If it has a PCIE x16 slot and you power supply can handle it, you should be okay. More information would be helpful though, like your case, MB, etc.
  2. u mean your rig wouldn't power up 'cause of the 9800GT?

    As u've described I guess u should use a FM2 mobo which at least has a PCI-E x16 slot, your CPU is A8-5500/5600K, and your gfx has nothing to do with your HDD.

    I would e happy if u provide me the brand and the model of the mobo and PSU for more analysation.
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